Shark Ethology, hooray!

3 05 2007

I absolutely love open-access papers, and there’s a new one from the late R. Aidan Martin about the agonistic displays (for some reason I always slip up and say “agnostic display”, which I’m not sure sharks are capable of) of 23 shark species, knowledge that’s absolutely essential to anyone who works with sharks. Some of the agonistic displays are classic (like that of the Gray Reef Shark, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) but others are not often covered and Dr. Martin does a good job at comparing how displays differ between shark-shark and shark-diver interactions. In any event, it’s a great paper and FREE so I highly suggest anyone with even a passing interest in sharks give it a look.

Which reminds me… keep an eye out for the documentary film SHARKWATER, which is definitely head and shoulders above anything the Discovery Channel has burped up in recent years (I’m dubious of the educational value of any show that promises me “Death Tape Footage”)




One response

4 05 2007

the late R. Aidan Martin

He’s dead? The website you link to does not mention his demise.

I like the way the paper has a disclaimer. Not many do…. I wonder if my next paper should have one (“The authors and publishers take no responsibility for any injuries sustained during loss-of-consciousness induced by the material presented here”).

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