Let’s not have a real-life Idiocracy

3 05 2007

While I was studying for my exams my wife attempted to tune in the Republican debate on the computer, but for one reason or another it didn’t work. I did get to hear some of the “pre-game” commentary, however, and it was absolutely amazing how Ronald Reagan was put on a pedestal as if he were some sort of saint. There was plenty of talk about who is going to take up the legacy or Reagan, who was going to restore the Republican party to the glory days under Reagan, but do we even want that? If Republicans consider the Reagan-era to be the highlight of the party’s career than that’s merely another measure for how backwards and idiotic Republicans have become.

Another big issue that I’m glad got mentioned was evolution, and Crooks and Liars has a snippet of video on the response of the candidates in attendance (McCain says he “believes” in evolution, Tancredo, Brownback, and Huckabee do not [shocking, I know]). I heard that McCain qualified his “yes” with some statement about the Grand Canyon, but I’ll wait until tomorrow when what was said will be up on YouTube or being passed around the blogosphere. I don’t think the evolution issue is going to be as important as the war, stem cells, abortion, gay marriage, and other republican faves, but it will be interesting if evolution gets drawn into the larger political debate (perhaps opening up some spots for scientists to get the word out to people at a time when it’s relevant).

In any event, I wasn’t planning on voting Republican in the next election anyhow and even the candidates I had some measure of respect for (like McCain) I like less and less every time they open their mouths. This isn’t to say that the Democrats are doing much better (I’m not really impressed by any of them), but as Howard Dean mentioned;

The Republican presidential contenders are only offering more of the same failed leadership and misplaced priorities that
President Bush brought to the White House.

Indeed, they’re not looking to good lately, that is unless the ghost of Ronald Reagan is going to show up to smite all opposing Democrats, and it certainly seems that with all the glorifying of Reagan that was done tonight, Republicans are hoping that he’ll be their patron saint in the upcoming election 😛




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