Earth Day Bronx Zoo Photos

2 05 2007

I know these are a bit belated, but here’s a few of the better photos from my last trip to the Bronx Zoo a few weekends ago. First up, two playing grizzly bears;


The zoo’s binturong (aka “Bear Cat” despite belonging to Family Viverridae) was up and about for once;


I also managed to get a half-decent shot of this boat-billed heron, as when I saw them at the national zoo they had their bills tucked into their feathers and were facing away.


The aquatic bird house also features some stern-looking kookaburras;


and this tern, angry at a black oystercatcher being kept in the same exhibit;


The male peacocks were strutting about and causing a ruckus;


while the toucans were a bit more subdued;


As far as mammals go, the “Tiger Mountain” exhibit was absolutely packed but I did manage to get this shot of Zeff cooling off in a stream;


although the black leopards of “Jungle World” were fast asleep, as ever;


The Red River Hogs were much more active;

Red River Hog

as were the wild dogs (although this one was getting ready to take a nap);

Wild Dog

Finally, there was another bunch of baby gorillas romping around with their parents this year, although some mothers didn’t seem as enthralled by the youngsters as the human onlookers;




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2 05 2007
Chris Harrison

Awesome. I think in every one of your picture posts, I find something I’ve never even heard of before. This time it was the binturong.

2 05 2007

Thanks Chris! I remember seeing them featured on shows by Jack Hanna quite a few times, always with the comment “They smell like popcorn.” Sure enough, whenever I pas by the exhibit at the Bronx Zoo there’s a vaguely stale-popcorn type scent in the air, although I have yet to determine if it’s closer to buttered or un-buttered popcorn we’re talking about here.

I really wanted to get a good shot of the Malay Tree Shrew, but the little blighters are just so damn fast! That speaks to why my pictures are always a little dark; I have to change the contrast in dark enclosures to get the shutter to fire faster and prevent blurring, but I suppose if I actually read my camera’s manual I could find another way to fix this.

Anyway, most people at the zoo didn’t seem to know what a binturong was either, so maybe I’ll do a post all about it in the near future.

3 05 2007

excellent pictures! and comments 😉

21 10 2007

i like to play check boar

12 04 2008

this is cool i have a baby one!

12 04 2008
Gorege Lopez

he wats up i am Gorge Lopez i am famus

6 08 2008

animals rule

3 05 2009

Incredible pictures! Color – composition – beautiful work!
They appear to be taken in the wild as opposed to a zoo. I hope you continue your photography even after you achieve your degree.

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