Camels & WalMart: Update

1 05 2007

Yesterday I wrote about the discovery of an approx. 10,000 year old camel specimen from Mesa, Arizona found on land that is to become a WalMart. After writing a letter to WalMart (no reply as yet) I decided to try and contact Brad Archer, a curator with Arizona State University involved with excavating the find. In his correspondence he mentioned that holes had been dug all over the property and there did not seem to be any more fossil material at the site, even though there certainly could be more. Even so, he said that fossils are very rare in the type of deposits where there’s pockets of silt/sand among larger river cobbles, and even if something was found it would probably be very difficult to get out of the ground. I had a feeling that there would be little hope for more material from this site, but I’m glad that the discovery of the camel was made at all and that the business owners were cooperative with scientists.




One response

1 05 2007
Sarda Sahney

I agree, it would have been easy to just plow right over it but Walmart has actually done something positive (for a change!)

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