Where oh where have the creationists gone?

30 04 2007

Is it just me or have creationists been awfully silent lately? Answers in Genesis hasn’t updated its website in several days (how can I live without “News to Note”?!), Uncommon Descent features mostly posts made by DaveScot about global climate change, and the UD-wannabe blog site Overwhelming Evidence has essentially halted (minus a few posts from O’Leary and hoaxers, which don’t count). Sure, there are plenty of smaller personal blogs that are still coming forward with anti-evo content, but much of it is recycled Disco Institute & AiG material consists of running around in circles, arms waving and going “Duh duh duh”, so they’re not really adding anything to the discussion. While I am not going to be so brash as to herald the end of ID, could it be that people are just getting tired of hearing of it, or that some in the creationist crowd are running out of ideas the random Bible Verse+Idiotic assertion generators at the Disco Institute & AiG have broken down? (We all know there’s been no new creationist ideas since the mid-1800’s, although the “new” ideas of the time were on par with the already-discussed Omphalos) I’m sure some of this has to do with the opening of the creation museum on AiG’s part, but I am curious as to why the normally loud-mouthed Disco Institute crew hasn’t been relatively quiet lately. Regardless of this, I suggest that we all enjoy the silence before another fart-filled flash animation or “hoax of dodos” shows up.

Update: After searching for nearly an hour for anything on WordPress to respond to involving creationism, I came up with practically nothing new. Sometimes I just feel the need to have an all out debate and I was hoping to stir up the hornet’s nest a little bit, but it appears that creationists have mysteriously disappeared. Could it be that I’ve been Left Below?

Update the 2nd: TheBrummell has once again corrected my erroneous statements; shame on me for giving the creationists too much credit.

Update the 3rd: AiG is back up and running again, claiming that they had so much computer trouble because of all the traffic they’ve been getting as of late. I was intrigued, however, by this statement they made about the glitches;

Over the last week, the AiG website experienced significant technical difficulties, which severely limited access. It’s just one of those things that happens in a fallen world using computers built by fallen humans being run by fallen people. As we tell people, “The reason the AiG website had problems is due to sin! And the answer’s in Genesis!”

What was it Mark Twain once said about such statements? Oh yes, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Indeed, if it was not for original sin we’d never have any computer problems at all. At least when the web is slow or my computer crashes I now know who’s actually to blame…



4 responses

30 04 2007

Maybe they have disappeared with the bees. hehe!

I happened to find an IDiot the other day at a presentation about the underlying threat of ID and creationism in high school classes.
They are still lurking around…

PS: Just found your blog through BrummellBlog and your feed is now subscribed😉

30 04 2007

…much of it is recycled Disco Institute & AiG material, so they’re not really adding anything to the discussion.

Um… does that imply that Disco Feverish and Ai(r)g ever contributed anything to any discussion, ever?

…or that some in the creationist crowd are running out of ideas?

They had ideas to run out of?

Just found your blog through BrummellBlog and your feed is now subscribed

I guess I need to update my blogroll, as it seems some people actually read it. How odd. But appreciated.

30 04 2007

Thanks for the info and the add Rick.

Martin, once again you’ve cut me to the quick, sir; AiG and Disco merely have been waving their arms about and going “Duh duh duh”, which should not be considered contributing to anything. Just as well, by “run[ning] out of ideas” I meant that their random Bible Verse/Idiotic assertion generators have crashed for some reason, as we both know creationism has not had any novel ideas since the mid-1800s. Once again you have pointed out my folly and I thank you for it.

2 05 2007

I meant that their random Bible Verse/Idiotic assertion generators have crashed for some reason

Indeed. I had actually noticed a general quietude about some parts after the decline of Dr. Egnor. Perhaps their mathematics wizards are updating the random generator software?

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