More movie nonsense: Hogzilla

30 04 2007

One of my first posts here on Laelaps was about “Hogzilla” and a National Geographic program devoted to the supersized pig. The documentary wasn’t that good and I suspected that after it was discovered that the monsterous swine was a full 4 feet shorter than claimed it would slip away into obscurity. I was wrong.

According to this news article, Hogzilla is going to be the titular monster of what is likely to be a direct-to-DVD B-film, and I’m sure the estimate of the pigs size will increase (because an 8-foot killer pig just isn’t enough, I suppose). If any of this sounds strangely familiar to you then you might be recalling the Aussie horror film Razorback, based in part on the famous Azaria Chamberlain case (the origin of the famous “The dingo ate my baby” phrase). Razorback is perfect movie trash, featuring surrealistic shots (part of the film takes place in a factory where kangaroos are minced up and canned, much of the rest taking place in the outback where cars adorn the branches of trees denuded of foliage) and a monster that bears closer resemblance to a Muppet than anything truly terrifying. Regardless of big-screen hits and misses when it comes to monster movies, direct-to-DVD specialists like Lions Gate have been pumping out monster-filled gore fests for years, any there’s any number of cookie-cutter films featuring Sasquatch, C. megalodon, giant killer spiders, Chupacabras, ancient carnivorous insects, cephalopods, and anything else that might strike your fancy. Perhaps they’ll all be riffed-on by an MST3K-clone in the future (one can only hope).

Speaking of which (and this is the last tangent, I swear), Kevin Murphy, Mike Nelson, and Bill Corbett are still at it under the new moniker “The Film Crew” (same MST3K goodness, but no puppets or silhouettes) and if you head over to their website you can vote for what the first video release will be. My vote is for The Wild Women of Wongo, how about you?




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30 04 2007

Zombie movies are the only good monster movies. Anything else is just window dressing.

30 04 2007

I actually haven’t seen that many zombie flicks (outside of Romero’s and Shaun of the Dead that is. I grew up on the “Revenge of Nature” genre of horror flicks, the John Sayles-penned Alligator and Piranha being on almost every weekend (in addition to other B-movies like Italian-import Tentacoli. The best direct-to-DVD horror movie I’ve seen in recent years was Dog Soldiers, although I can’t say I’ve kept up with things in the past year or so. What I think we need is zombie dinosaurs; now that’s entertainment!

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