Can a camel stop WalMart?

30 04 2007

According to this LiveScience article, construction workers digging a hole for an ornamental citrus tree at the location of a future WalMart uncovered the bones of an approximately 10,000 year old camel. The article is light on details, and while it has been agreed that the camel will go on display at Arizona State University, nothing has been said as to whether the area will be checked for more fossils. Does this remind anyone else of the famous Simpsons episode “Lisa the Skeptic” (featuring Stephen J. Gould, no less) where the fossil of an “angel” is found? I’m not saying WalMart planted the camel as a scheme, but I would like to see the area looked over for other fossils before yet another WalMart is established (how many more do we need, really?). I intend on writing the company to ask what its intentions are for the site, even though I fully expect a form-letter reply. Whatever correspondence I get I will post here.




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1 05 2007

[…] Can a camel stop WalMart? […]

3 05 2007

Laelaps, you’re missing the “years” bit. for a moment I thought they unearthed 10000 camels. not one 10K years old.

3 05 2007

Thanks for the correction Luca! I don’t know why I missed that, but it would have been momentous if 10,000 camels were discovered, hah.

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