23 04 2007

Sorry for the lack of new material everyone; sometime Saturday night my modem at home broke or the cat (in some sort of feline fit) did something to disable my connection, so things will likely be quiet on here until I can figure out what the problem is at home. When I do get things running again, however, there will be plenty of new stuff for you all, including;

Blogger Bio-Blitz results for the New Brunswick area

New Photos from the Bronx Zoo (featuring playing grizzlies, boat billed herons, and more)

Much more on dinosaurs

And of course, random tidbits from around the web.

I should be getting a replacement modem today so hopefully that will do the trick, but if not I might not be able to get someone from the cable company over for about a week (stupid internet monopolies, grr). Even so, the student center isn’t too far away so I’ll be able to update here and there.




2 responses

23 04 2007

My money’s on the cat. Evil little fluffy conspirators, they are.

24 04 2007

Probably so; Charlotte loves to sit in the windowsill and chatter/squeak at the birds, and I’m half expecting to find a kitty-sized hole in the window screen one day, followed by a pile of dead birds at the door.

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