What possible comfort could I give?

18 04 2007

The day the Virginia Tech. shootings occurred, I began a lengthy blog post on my opinions about the massacre, but I decided not to publish it. After thinking about it for a few days, I’ve decided to delete it because I don’t think it was appropriate at the time (nor is it now). I’ve never been to the school, nor do I know anyone there, but rather than go on a tieraid about the school’s responsibilities, gun control, or related topics I think it’s best merely to offer my condolences and sympathy to the friends and family who lost loved ones in the tragedy. I can seemingly do nothing else by offer my support and prayers to the VT community in the aftermath of such unconscionable actions, anything else would merely be taking advantage of someone else’s misfortune to give credence to my own opinions. Will I write about my thoughts on gun control and other such matters eventually? Surely, after something like this silence would be an injustice, but for my own part I don’t feel like this is the right time to start pontificating, using a recent event as a springboard when the problems leading up to this event are not new.

In fact, I am a bit disgusted by the way so many people have seized on this event to promote their own personal views, either liberal or conservative. We live in a wired world where information changes second by second and we can have our own opinions heard just a few moments after news breaks, and wether well-intentioned or not I can’t say I’m particularly comfortable with so many people using such recent and horrific events to promote their personal views. Even the recent release of photos and video sent to NBC; why the hell did they show it? That’s exactly what the killer wanted, and now the psychopath who committed these killings is all over the internet and mass media sputtering out his manifesto. I don’t believe that’s appropriate at all, especially when many are still coping with their losses.

I don’t want to go on further; if I do this post could very well turn into precisely what I have tried to avoid. To those of Virginia Tech and their friends and families, I am filled with sadness and anger over the events of the past few days but hope for healing, recovery, and change so that these events are never repeated.




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