Coyotes like Quizno’s better

5 04 2007

I almost feel dirty posting a YouTube video from Fox News, but it’s the only footage available at the moment of an injured coyote that stopped by a Chicago Quizno’s, resting for a bit in a cooler. Here’s the video;

No comment on the flagellating devils from El Salvador in the second half; I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Anyway, I’ve been developing an increasing interest in coyotes, especially since they’re becoming more and more adapted to urban and suburban habitats. They’ve been known to frequent graveyards in New York, hop on mass transit from time to time, get into office building elevators, run in through doggie doors and disembowel poodles, and now visit the occassional sandwhich shop. This summer I’m going to try and track some down in my own area (lots of nighttime hikes are being planned), but I respect the scrappy canids, the underdogs of habitats invaded by suburban sprawl.



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