A smattering of evolution videos

4 04 2007

Let’s have some fun, shall we? First up, one of my favorite Simpsons-based evolution clips; Ned Flanders (with sons in tow) visit a human evolution exhibit and we learn that there’s no such thing as storks;

And here’s the Family Guy clip PZ put it some weeks ago WITH the introduction (I don’t hear too many people opting for this version of a God-generated Big Bang);

And this is going to shock some of you, but I’m no fan of our petulant child of a president, and here’s an excellent “Guess which one’s the chimp?” video set to an old creationist song;

Maybe something happened a long time ago that somehow cause some misunderstandings about basic science;

Long before Sasha Baron-Cohen was Borat, he was Ali G, and here he is interviewing the infamous Kent Hovind (among others);

Here’s something for the “so bad it’s funny” category. Covered in the discussion: Would Jesus make a good president, and did evolution spur 9/11?

I would be remiss if I left out the famous Guiness ad, as well;

The song isn’t that good, but the animation is great (even if it’s a bit disturbing). Unless I’m mistaken it’s animated by the same people (or at least in the same style) as the old, dark animated Fox-TV Batman series. Here’s Pearl Jam’s “Do the Evolution”;

To lighten things up again, here’s comedian Ricky Gervais on evolution/creationism;

And what list would be complete without some Lewis Black?




One response

5 04 2007
Sarda Sahney

Very funny, I enjoyed these! I linked this page from my site.

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