It’s ok everyone, NONE of us have the Holy Spirit

31 03 2007

Dobson says that if you can’t proselytize about your faith all the time, you’re not a Christian, but according to this website, if you don’t speak in tongues you haven’t really got the holy spirit and aren’t a Christian either. I was tipped off to this nonsense by a commenter (who I’m assuming either made or agrees with the website), and it’s more of the “My religion is better than your religion” BS. According to the website, the Holy Spirit was recalled during the fraction of a second between 610/611 AD, and was not received by anyone again until the split second between 1900/1901 AD (1290 years of “the abomination desolation”). From what I’ve seen, especially in the documentary Jesus Camp, speaking in tongues is a big time requirement, many people often induced to the point of having seizures in order to be sure they have the holy spirit. Contrast this with a lady who came to Rutgers the other day proclaiming that if you weren’t Catholic, you’re going to hell, and I can only imagine what fate they believe a critic like me would receive.

What’s more disturbing is the main page’s proclamation that nuclear war is the sign of the End Times, which of course flows into the idea that if a nuclear holocaust can be brought forth sooner, God will come back sooner (the old “Well, it happened so God must have willed it to happen” defense). Just what we need; more people thinking God will reward them for annihilating everyone else.




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