31 03 2007

With shows like BibleMan on the air, I’m glad I can’t afford television. The evangelical answer to the Power Rangers and other such shows, Bible Man is concerned that Billie is talking back to his mother and other equally heinous threats to the world. The quality isn’t the best, but the dialog in this scene is priceless;

The particular episode I caught on the Trinity network today (and tipped me off to the existence of BibleMan) featured a young boy who was getting into scuffles with other 12 year olds all the time. When confronted by the foam-rubber clad Christian, the child demanded to know why his parents were killed by a drunk driver if God really loves him. The response he got, after the stiff, hulking hero sat down on the bed, was the standard “I don’t know, but God has a plan for us” tripe. At that point I changed the channel; I couldn’t take it anymore.




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31 03 2007

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