Photo of the Day: Amur Leopard

30 03 2007

Here’s another one of my favorite shots of the Philadelphia Zoo’s Amur Leopard;

Amur Leopard

The leopard, as usual, was resting right in front of the glass, perfect to get some good profile shots. Unfortunately for me, however, there was a much more serious photographer (or at least his equipment looked much more serious) trying to get some photos as well, so I had to defer. The leopard wasn’t sure what to do with all this attention, however, and every so often would look from the other cameraman to me almost as if to say “Are you done bothering me yet?”




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13 04 2007

Beautiful! I work as a volunteer for Marwell Zoo in England and we have Amur leopards there. I can’t believe there are only around 35 left in the wild – it’s so sad.

13 04 2007

Hi Helena! Thanks for the comment; I agree that it is sad that there are so few Amur leopards left! Hopefully breeding programs will be able to help, but I would hate to see this animal only exist in zoos. I would love to volunteer at a zoo as well, although unfortunately I’m about an hour away from both the Philadelphia and Bronx zoos (on a good day with no traffic) so unfortunately I can only be a visitor. Anyway, you’ve got some wonderful photos and you should check back here on Monday; I’m going to the National Zoo tomorrow so there will be lots of pictures up here from my trip.

7 06 2007

I just did a project on Amur Leopards. It is quite sad that there are only 25-34 left in the wild. I found out that one was just reasently killed too. Not only that but there are plan on building a pipe line through the Amur Leopards habitat, this could really harm the population. Its so sad…

27 02 2008
6 05 2008

it is so sad that these are almost gone completely from the earth i wish there was sumthin more we could do to help then other than just donating money…

7 05 2008


8 04 2010

They are incredible animals, but people kill them for their own greed, their fur is their curse. I hope to take something about it, it would be a shame to disappear.

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