Photo of the Day: Cheetah

29 03 2007

A few days after Christmas I headed down to the Philadelphia Zoo, and after waiting almost all day for the cheetahs to become active (they were content to rest and give tongue-baths to the dominant male most of the day), I was able to get some good shots. This one is my most favorite;


The problem with the enclosure is that it is rather small and its perimeter is made up of a wooden fence, so it was difficult to shoot the animals without having it look like they were strolling around someone’s backyard.




3 responses

29 03 2007

Well, you did a great job regardless. (You already know I love this picture.)

29 03 2007
Felix Leander

Hey Brian – yet again a great photo. How is everything going?

30 03 2007

Thanks for the compliments Molly and Felix. đŸ™‚ While I must say that I like the Bronx Zoo much more than the Philadelphia Zoo, the Philly establishment allows for much better photos of the cheetahs (and if they’re active while no one else is around making noise, you can call to them and at least one will respond).

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