If I could talk to the animals….

29 03 2007

Zoos can be wonderful institutions of education and conservation, but more often than not it’s merely about entertainment, and this sentiment is nothing new. Check out this old short from Nick Park (of Wallace & Gromit fame) entitled “Creature Comforts”

The short has also been turned into a new(ish) series, featuring the same theme of real audio + claymation, and the trailer for it is below;




2 responses

29 03 2007
Greg Laden

Zoos are a VERY mixed bag. I think a good zoo reform movement would have widespread support.

Great blog! I’ve added you to my blog roll.

29 03 2007

Thanks Greg! I’ve added you to my blogroll as well.

And I agree (obviously) about zoo reform; even places that have had recent renovations like the Philadelphia Zoo still have animals in relatively cramped quarters and even though they try their best to enrich the animals, there’s no substitute for the wild. That said, many play important conservation and captive-breeding roles to help preserve species, but as David Quammen wrote in an article about White Tigers at the Cincinatti Zoo, people primarily go to zoos to look, and if they learn anything that’s a bonus.

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