Two handfuls of “cute”: Red Panda twins!

28 03 2007

Red Pandas are among my most favorite animals, and no trip to the Bronx or Philadelphia Zoos is ever complete without visiting them. A world away, however, people are getting their first look at two 12-week-old Red Pandas (twins) born at Taronga Zoo (click the link if you feel like going “Awwwww”). Their names are Jishnu and Tenzin (their parents being Mayhem and Wanmei), and their birth is important as Red Pandas (much like actual, ursine Pandas) are endangered and require help from captive breeding programs in addition to habitat restoration if they are going to continue to survive. Most of my favorite red panda shots are on my other computer, but here’s one from my last trip to the Philadelphia Zoo (when the critter was actually awake for five minutes);

Red Panda

And here’s some YouTube video of the new cubs;




One response

18 10 2007

red Pandas should be safed in or enviromen. They need our help and support becasue they are endangered species! And they are SO cute! Safe red pandas today or you will be sad when they become extinct! SO join my group on saving those cute animals!

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