Lions take down a giraffe

25 03 2007

My previous post about lions taking down an elephant made me wonder if the depths of YouTube held any clues as to how lions might successfully hunt giraffe, and indeed, here’s some footage of just such an event;

Indeed, the objective of the lions seems to be to tire the giraffe out and wound it to the point when it can no longer stand. Such tactics are dangerous, being that giraffes can easily break bones and lacerate skin with their powerful kicks (and some of the lions were on the receiving end of such blows) but the method seems to be effective. I have to wonder if there is a larger success rate with this tactic when it is used on male giraffes, being that males are more likely to stand their ground and fight. A giraffe that is able to run away will likely make it to safety, but by standing his ground and fighting, the male giraffe in this video makes himself an easy target, exhausting himself trying to fight off the lions and getting cornered in an area of thick brush.




4 responses

25 03 2007
Chris Harrison

This video is kind of amusing–at least the scene where the giraffe was just walking along with 4 lions hanging off of him. Thanks for posting these.

29 04 2007

I hated this video!
I hate that the giraffe dies like that.

29 04 2007

It certainly is not a pretty or clean death for the giraffe, but so would starvation be for the lions. I find both species utterly enthralling and I do not wish ill for either, but the intimate and violent relationship between predator and prey (as is plain to all) is necessary to the continued existence of both lions and giraffes.

31 03 2011
Shaniqua Thro

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