AiG loves you, but not if you’re a Muslim

25 03 2007

Every now and again I pop over to AiG to see if they’ve pulled anything new out of their bag of tricks, and while most of the time it’s the same old lies and tomfoolery, it seems that they’ve now set their sights on Islam (the advert is the upper left hand corner). I’ll let the website, the title of which is Escape from Darkness, speak for itself, but I was indeed a bit shocked to see the old Christian/Muslim bigotry actively endorsed by a group that claims it wants to show people “God’s love” (offer void if you actually use your brain in any fashion, especially the question AiG).

Now I’m not a religious relativist and I’ve disagreed with Muslims as much as I have with Christians over various points involving origins and evolution, but the Ham-endorsed Escape from Darkness website seems to paint all of Islam with a pretty broad brush, despite AiG’s claims that they love everyone and wish to unite people.




One response

25 03 2007

Like nothing. Ham thinks there’s no such thing as races and we are as he puts it all “one blood” (as told in one of his idiot books One Blood since to him we are all descendants of Noah and his 3 sons let alone descendants of Adam and Eve.

He wants to blame evolution for all the prejudice hate, bigotry, and racism occurring throughout the world and strive to unite all human beings as one. Ha Ha Ha Ha ha! :rolling: Instead, he just turns around and promotes hate, racism, bigotry, and prejudice of his own.

So much for Ham’s plans to unify the human race as [sic] “one blood.”

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