But my writing isn’t meant to be used for evil!

23 03 2007

Sometimes I really am surprised by the referrers to my blog, be they google results for the search “Jeff Corwin + gay?” or a link from the talk section of Conservapedia. I just find it funny that the article for evolution on there takes the “It’s only a theory” and is essentially quote-mine madness, attempting to make the reader think that if you’re a conservative you must accept intelligent design. Despite the published wingnuttery so far available, the talk section reveals that there are a few rational and intelligent folks trying to edit some things for the better, and the link goes back to my rant about how AiG keeps saying they’ve found “unfossilized” dinosaur bones even though their own technical journal (before the split with CMI) says that there’s no scientific basis to consider the fossils as such. Hopefully those clamoring for a more objective (and accurate) conservapedia will be heard, but I just don’t see the need for it in general. If you need to make an entire new encyclopedia website because your views on evolution, global climate change, etc. are that much out of step, something is seriously wrong and rather than being educational the website will be more of a morale-booster for people who are already convinced they’re right (or that those evil liberals are wrong and are going to destroy the world through health care).




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