Reccomendations from my blogroll

20 03 2007

I’ve been added by quite a few blogs in the recent past, and it’d only be right to give them the props they deserve. Here are some of the recent additions to my blogroll and why you should be visiting them;

Dinosaurs: A Creationist’s Fairytale – A wonderful and focused blog dealing specifically with creationist claims about dinosaurs. The YEC’s always have something up their sleeve, so this is a great blog for getting the skinny on the real story.

Fish Feet – Sarda Sahney’s excellent evolution-based blog. She writes wonderfully and is exceedingly thorough, and if nothing else you should definitely head over there for her latest on the rare Polar Bear/Brown Bear hybrids.

Interrogating Nature – My friend Chris Harrison’s evolution blog. Chris always has something interesting to say and adds a personal touch to many of the posts, plus he’s got an interesting post on Endogenous Retroviruses up that you should definitely see.

Nature’s Paint Box – Just added today (mmm, freshness) and definitely worth a look. Nature’s Paint Box is an intersection of art, photography, and nature, featuring things like amazing steel animal sculptures and nature-oriented wood carvings, and definitely a nice refuge when scienceblogging starts giving you a headache.

RedMolly Picayune Democrat – RedMolly’s wonderfully fun and eclectic blog. It’s always a pleasure to read whatever she’s put up.

So there you have it; the latest additions to the blogroll that you may not have visited before. I also must say thank you to all these blogs because they added links to me first (I’m a bit of a slouch in the blogrolling dept.), but I hope you can find something to enjoy from the various writers above.




2 responses

20 03 2007

i always have problemas with my blogroll and my template…
i want to show them at the side.. but i cant.. 😦 i think is a problem of ie but with firefox is the same.

Aliz =)

21 03 2007

Thanks for the add, and for the tip on these other great blogs. We spent several minutes yesterday goggling at Nature’s Paint Box.

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