Conan slept with Mother Theresa!

17 03 2007

Remember the mystery of female chimpanzee who managed to get pregnant in a community of males who had vasectomies? Well the paternity tests are in and it turns out that a 21 year old male named Conan is the father of baby Tracy (the results were revealed by the zoo, not on Maury). The place where this all occurred, Chimp Haven, is a refuge for chimps that were once kept as pets, used in entertainment, or subjected to medical experiments (which should no longer take place, in my opinion), all the males receiving vasectomies upon their arrival. While vasectomies are the most effective method of birth control currently available, there is still that pesky 1% chance that it won’t work (which can vary depending on whether you go to an experienced doctor or not), and it appears that Conan’s wasn’t as effective as hoped. I do have to wonder, however, given that these chimpanzees may have had stressful lives, will Theresa be a good mother? How will the males react to the baby? Will the baby pick of some of her parents neuroses? Hopefully a case study on Tracy will be kept in an attempt to answer these questions.




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