100 things about Brian

16 03 2007

I have unofficially stolen this from Martin over at Brummelblog;

1. I absolutely hate New Jersey winters
2. I drive a red, 4-door 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier that is likely to die at any moment
3. I am utterly addicted to reading Terry Pratchett novels
4. Going Postal is my favorite Terry Pratchett book
5. I have two cats, Chase and Charlotte
6. I find it appalling that my college’s name got changed from Cook College to “The School for Ecological and Biological Sciences.”
7. I’ve worn the same pair of glasses for the past 4 years
8. I require glasses because I spent too much time reading in elementary school
9. The first “real” book I ever read was Jurassic Park; I was in 5th grade.
10. I’ve changed my major at least 4 times
11. I’ve been academically dismissed from Rutgers twice; readmitted twice as well.
12. I once had dreams of being a singer/songwriter and touring the world
13. I fully realize that I can’t sing
14. I don’t particularly like beer
15. The best tasting wine I regularly get is (don’t laugh) Arbor Mist. Come on, it’s fizzy!
16. My favorite Chinese food dish is sesame chicken
17. It’s really hard to find a place that makes sesame chicken well.
18. I don’t drink coffee
19. I am utterly addicted to soda (especially if it has anything to do with cherries).
20. I rarely eat breakfast, thus experiencing some amount of nausea every morning
21. I purposefully stay behind the curve when it comes to technology; it’s cheaper that way.
22. I wish I could afford to buy local, organic food.
23. I hate Wal Mart and refuse to set foot in their stores.
24. My first real childhood interest was elephants
25. I used to run around in a safari hat and pretend I was hunting elephants (only instead of a gun, I had an elephant “mover,” i.e. when it went off the elephants moved.)
26. Babies remind me more of aliens than anything cute
27. I hate the music, but I regularly play DDR.
28. I usually start new books before finishing old ones
29. I grew up in the definition of white suburbia, Clark, New Jersey.
30. I wear a watch on my right wrist, even though I’m right handed (it’s just more comfy that way).
31. My favorite dog breeds are corgis and huskies.
32. I keep an African cichlid with my other fish, and amazingly it hasn’t killed all of them.
33. I have yet to vote in a presidential election
34. I haven’t voted in one yet because the first time I forgot, and the second I didn’t feel good voting for Kerry or Bush (give me a choice other than two things that’ll be bad for me).
35. The Rutgers bus system regularly makes me nauseous, although I’m not prone to motion sickness otherwise.
36. I played Father Drobney in Don’t Drink the Water in high school.
37. I stole the show.
38. I played Eugene in Grease in high school.
39. I stole the show.
40. I can show you what “one hand clapping” sounds like.
41. When I don’t know what else to make, my default meal setting is pasta.
42. I can’t afford television.
43. I’m better off.
44. I’m PADi Open Water SCUBA certified
45. I haven’t been diving in over 5 years.
46. The Bronx Zoo is one of my most favorite places in the world.
47. No matter what else is going on, I’m always compelling to visit the Snow Leopards at the zoo first.
48. I take about 600 photos every time I got to the zoo.
49. If I lived close to a college that had it, I probably would be majoring in paleontology.
50. It’s my dream to do field research in the Okovango Delta of Botswana.
51. I don’t even have enough money to buy gas to get to the next town.
52. I’m intellectually competitive; if you know more than me about a subject, I feel compelled to do a lot of reading until I know it as well as you do.
53. It’s a habit I’m trying to make the best of rather than let it turn me into a jerk.
54. I don’t have seasonal affective disorder; living in New Jersey between November-March does this to everyone.
55. I have at least 5 guitars around this place.
56. I rarely have time to play any of them.
57. My apartment used to be an understairs servants quarters (complete with tin ceiling).
58. There’s one hell of a draft coming from the window.
59. I’m pissed off because it was 70 degrees F the day before yesterday, and now there’s an ice storm.
60. I used to paint lines in the road/fix signs for the Police Department.
61. It was the best job I’ve had yet.
62. My stomach doesn’t react well to sunflower oil
63. My stomach doesn’t react well to New Brunswick tap water (it’s like living in Mexico).
64. I’m a compulsive gum-chewere
65. My first college major was marine science.
66. I attempt to avoid math like the plague
67. If I don’t think something is important, I don’t try very hard.
68. Sometimes I spend more time figuring out why things aren’t important than just doing them because I have to.
69. I didn’t chuckle when I got to this number.
70. I still can’t convert to metric.
71. I used to be addicted to myspace.
72. Now I think it’s a pointless black hole on the internet.
73. I’m not as sarcastic in person, I swear.
74. I only started giving a damn about evolution in May of last year.
75. I find it funny when people say “hunderd” instead of “hundred”
76. I would eat candy canes year round if I could.
77. I literally eat any hard candy; not suck on them, not lick them, but crunch the whole damn thing.
78. I’m thankful I can watch most of The Daily Show online.
79. I weigh exactly 200 pounds; I’m trying to get back into shape this year.
80. My office job makes it hard to get into shape.
81. I think I can teach my Principles of Evolution class better than my professor can.
82. I should eat more fresh fruit and vegetables
83. I’m pondering on going on a diet of what evolution determined I should eat; more veggies and fruit, less meat and sweet stuff.
84. I can’t believe I’m only at number 84.
85. I’ve never had to the hospital for treatment (except being born).
86. I love sharks, but they do scare me.
87. I have to set 3 alarms because I hate getting up in the morning.
88. I snore exceedingly loudly when I’m exhausted.
89. I am much more liberal than I was when I started college.
90. My favorite cookies are Grasshoppers by Keebler (mmm, fudgy)
91. I try to keep a collection of fun and colorful boxer shorts.
92. I always wear a belt and chain wallet
93. I have a low tolerance for alcohol
94. I get annoyed when people side-step my questions.
95. I don’t particularly like sports (I’m never any good at them).
96. I am thankful MST3K still exists in YouTube form.
97. I used to be really into the pop-punk/emo scene, and then I woke up.
98. I’ve never left the Eastern Time Zone.
99. I miss playing World of Warcraft.
100. If you made it to 100, I am utterly amazed.




2 responses

17 03 2007

Great list; love it! (I’m a candy-cruncher, too.)

19 03 2007

Eat more fruit and veggies!!!!! Whole Grains!!!!

(I’m also a candy cruncher, and wear my watch on my dominant hand)

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