“It’s not eugenics, it’s Christian love for homosexuals”

14 03 2007

Congrats to PZ for being mentioned in a recent AP article about Rev. Albert Mohler’s recent uninformed statements about homosexuality, essentially stating that if a genetic basis for homosexual behavior is found Christians would have an obligation to eradicate it (i.e. turn a homosexual fetus to a heterosexual fetus) through medical technology (though not abortion). Here’s a quote from Mohler’s original post on the subject;

8. If a biological basis is found, and if a prenatal test is then developed, and if a successful treatment to reverse the sexual orientation to heterosexual is ever developed, we would support its use as we should unapologetically support the use of any appropriate means to avoid sexual temptation and the inevitable effects of sin.

9. We must stop confusing the issues of moral responsibility and moral choice. We are all responsible for our sexual orientation, but that does not mean that we freely and consciously choose that orientation. We sin against homosexuals by insisting that sexual temptation and attraction are predominately chosen. We do not always (or even generally) choose our temptations. Nevertheless, we are absolutely responsible for what we do with sinful temptations, whatever our so-called sexual orientation.

Statements 1-7 are mostly Mohler tap-dancing around his views, trying to appear more moderate by saying that homosexuals are children of God too, they just suffer from a particular form of temptation. *smacks forehead* Both conservatives and liberals have rightly chastised Mohler for his egregious remarks, and I was a bit taken-aback by the man’s reply to his critics. From the AP article;

“I realize this sounds very offensive to homosexuals, but it’s the only way a Christian can look at it,” Mohler said. “We should have no more problem with that than treating any medical problem.

Ugh, this guy is nuts. I find it funny how he hasn’t even the entertained the possibility (working with his framework of God “knitting” every individual together in their mothers womb personally) that God actually created homosexuals and loves them just the way they are like anyone else. No, no, the apparent self contradictions of God creating life but apparently hating homosexuality aren’t even considered, thus paving the way for people like Mohler to promote ideas that have more to do with eugenics than “love thy neighbor.”

The end of the article also pisses me off;

Dr. Jack Drescher, a New York City psychiatrist critical of those who consider homosexuality a disorder, commended Mohler’s openness to the prospect that it is biologically based.

“This represents a major shift,” Drescher said. “This is a man who actually has an open mind, who is struggling to reconcile his religious beliefs with facts that contradict it.”

Clearly Mohler does believe there is a psychological basis behind homosexuality (hence the allusions to “temptation” and individual responsibility), his views seemingly confused in addition to being outright wrong. Mohler seems to want to have it both ways, claiming that homosexuality is a kind of temptation as a result of the Fall, but any predisposition or “gay gene” (which likely doesn’t exist) should be eradicated to remove the poor souls from having to endure God’s wrath. His position isn’t progressive or even indicative of a change for the better; if anything it is a step backward and has more in common with phrenology than scientific fact.

I’m tired of narrow-minded Christians claiming that homosexuality is a choice or that it’s a lifestyle of sin; by engaging in what they believe is Biblical literalism to uphold what they perceive as God’s truth they are merely creating an ideology of hate and exclusion, never contemplating how their view of a loving God is contradicted by the way they treat other people. This is why I don’t get along well with Christians; the condescending paternalism and the attitude of “Well we have the truth, it’s too bad if you don’t like it) are sometimes too much for me to bear.



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