I wish I had a 3.0 average

14 03 2007

I’m nearly at the point in college where I don’t care anymore (can’t I just have my degree and go do field work, please?), and I would much rather read the latest issue of Nature or The Ancestor’s Tale than the textbook. Hence, this description from the “Summary of 99% of the people you will ever meet in college” fits perfectly;


Normally found in one of the back rows but not the very back as he is trying to blend in. Doesn’t say much in class, only being social when he has to or with people he knows outside of class. Won’t disrupt class but if called on will answer correctly. Pays attention, but doesn’t always do work, or work hard. Shows up to class 80% of the time, but does 40% of the outside work/study time. Graduates in 5-6 years with a 3.0 but only because of intelligence and test scores, not effort (as shown in number of years taken to graduate).

If I actually tried I’m sure I would have a much higher GPA and very little time to read outside of class, but I’m happier with the way things are.




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