It’s all because of that Whacking Day post, I swear…

13 03 2007

Holy smoke! 1,749 visitors in a day? Those are some PZ numbers, I swear. Most of them stem from my post about the atrocious Rattlesnake Roundup that took place this past weekend in Sweetwater, Texas, with lots still coming by for my posts about Starbucks quoting Jonathan Wells on their cups. Regardless, a BIG thank you goes out to PZ for linking here and for all the Pharyngulites for boosting up my numbers so high (now my blog stats look like Mount St. Helens busted out of a completely flat plain, hah). Also, a big thanks to all my regular readers for their support and feedback. I forgot to mention it when it happened, but I’m now well past the 5,000 total reads mark, and while that may be an average week for the likes of some of my favorite sciencebloggers, I’m certainly proud of how this blog is turning out. Oh, and lest I forget, a big thanks to whomever submitted by Asiatic Cheetah article to the ecology blog carnival; I can be a little nervous about submitting my entries being I’m not a full-fledged scientist yet, but I certainly appreciate the help and kick in the butt to get out there and submit my work. Anyway, thanks to everyone who has kept my glued to this machine, typing away for your amusement.




One response

6 03 2008
John Ligon

Before you post comments on how evil the rattlesnake round up is, DO SOME RESEARCH. Rattlesnakes are one of the fastest reproducing animals/reptiles in america. 100’s of people a year are bitten and lives put in danger from a bite from one of these precious snakes. I’ve been hunting them for 15 years at the same spot. Each year is mind boggling how they seem to just reappear. Did you know… One highway just ONE kills more rattlesnakes a year then the spring round up in sweetwater. Before you try to put an end to the roundup. Stop supporting this inhummane act of violence by driving your vehicle on any texas highway, YOUR PUTTING THE SNAKES IN DANGER!!!! pansies

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