Wow, “House” really kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

6 03 2007

After being subjected to the torture that is the men’s competition on American Idol for an hour, I saw my first episode of House on Fox. I pretty much have to say that outside a few one-liners, it was the worst medical show I’ve ever seen, and even though I’ve seen worse shows there are few I actively disliked more. Outside of the lead being a rat bastard with few redeeming qualities (which I can understand is part of the appeal of the show), the science of what goes on is absolutely atrocious. What particularly for me tonight was how a patient was claimed to be essentially “brain dead” in the his right hemisphere, so House decides the best thing to do would be to remove the entire right half of the guys brain to stop his seizures. Now, I’m not doctor, but hasn’t severing the corpus callosum been show to reduce (and even eliminate) seizures in patients that suffer them? Even if I’m wrong, the term “brain dead” is thrown around like half of the man’s brain is entirely functionless, and the removal of half of his brain will have no long-lasting negative effects other than the fact he won’t be able to play the piano anymore. There’s plenty about the brain we don’t yet understand, and the explanations as for why removing half of someone’s brain is never discussed; it’s just the best way because House says it is.

This is the kind of idiotic drivel that’s causing a science crisis in America; we don’t have to actually learn anything or read a book, House will teach us everything we need to know about how the brain works. While some might say “Oh come on, it’s only a tv show” I guarantee at some point or another people will come across a real-life case and say “Hey, that’s just like on House. Maybe they should remove half his brain to fix the problem.”

My other gripe is that a major plot point turns into a minor one in the episode I viewed; it is discovered that House has a brain tumor, lied to his coworkers and had them research someone else’s file (his friends believing that the file was on him), is abusing prescription drugs, and has a plan to have said drugs injected straight into his brain. Now, I don’t know much about the medical bureaucracy but I would imagine in real life this would be a big deal, probably with the doctor have his license revoked or at least being fired. Not so in House; the snarky doctor gets a lukewarm talking-to by a friend that suggests that he should maybe go see a movie rather than abuse drugs. *smacks forehead*

If this is the kind of crap that’s on TV, I’m glad I don’t pay for it.




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