I guess he’s got nothing better to do

5 03 2007

So far, most of the reaction to my blog has been positive; I’m acutally quite flattered that so many scientists have taken time out to comment here or add me to the blogrolls. Even so, I can’t imagine that everyone is happy with what I write here (I would be doing something wrong if everyone felt comfortable with what I have to say), and DaveScot over at UncommonDescent is unhappy that some bloggers are using the phrase “scientific vacuity” in reference to intelligent design. To prove his point, he links a google search for the phrase “scientific vacuity,” and lo and behold, there’s a post I wrote not too long ago about a Sean B. Carroll podcast. I actually quite like the phrase and I’ll likely use it again, although I think America’s educational bankruptcy goes far beyond ID; the acceptance of creationism, UFOs, astrology, etc. are all symptoms of a much bigger problem. Nonetheless, I’m actually quite proud to have my little space on the web show up with the likes of The Panda’s Thumb, and hopefully I’ll eventually add some memes of my own to this debate in due time.




2 responses

5 03 2007
Chris Harrison

I’m patiently waiting for when someone asks me to describe intelligent design in 5 words or less. I think it can be succinctly and accurately characterized as a:

“Scientifically vacuous philosophy of ignorance”.

Sounds meme worthy to me.

6 03 2007

Sounds like that could work. I say if you’re going to invest all your mental faculties in ID, why not just go the whole 9 yeards and have the frontal lobotomy; it’ll accomplish the inevitable in any case.

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