First look at Albertacertops

5 03 2007

Yesterday I posted about the newly-discovered early centrosaur, Albertaceratops. There were not any pictures at the time, but some pictures of the skull and a reconstruction have shown up today. Via the AP


It can be a bit difficult to discern the affinities of this dinosaur from this view, looking more like a compressed Triceratops skull than anything else. I would like to see a more head-on view (like in the reconstruction below) that makes clear the centrosaur lineage to which this dinosaur belongs.


The reconstructions has more of the classic centrosaur look, the chief difference being the long, curved brow horns when normally there are just bumps or greatly reduced horns. Have a look at this Pachyrhinosaurus skull (a later centrosaur, image via Wikipedia) and you’ll see what I mean;

Pachyrhinosaurus skull

Obviously I haven’t seen the fossil material myself, but as always the reconstruction should be taken with a grain of salt; there’s plenty of fossil material to infer what the head of the animal likely looked like, but some “educated guesses” are still involved to fill in the gaps. Even so, this is certainly an exciting discovery, further illuminating the amazing diversity of horned dinosaurs.




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5 03 2007

Certainly is! Thanks for showing me the pics! 🙂

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