Hooray for giant fish monsters!

2 03 2007

I hadn’t heard about it until yesterday, but apparently there’s an award-winning South Korean “revenge of nature” horror flick lumbering towards the US – The Host. This one looks like a real treat; check it out for yourself below

From what I understand, the effects were done by Weta and the folks who did Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the monster getting plenty of screentime right from the start, so there will be none of the “Let’s hide the creature from the audience for an hour and a half and let them down with something that looks like a slimy salami in the last 15 minutes” business. What’s even more interesting is that the movie based on a US army personnel member dumping 227 liters of formaldehyde into a river, the film following in the footsteps of Godzilla and Alligator in using a man-munching beastie to convey an ecological theme. Unfortunately the closes the film is coming to me is Elizabeth, NJ, but hopefully it will get a wider release if I can’t see it when it first gobbles up the local screens.



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