Worst 4 years ever

28 02 2007

I got a chance to check out the documentary Go Tigers! tonight and it brought back a lot of memories of high school (no, not good ones). This Green Day song, being released in October of my senior year, essentially sums up my feelings on that time in my life

Now, my school was nowhere-near as football obsessed as Massolin, but football players did have a certain privalege and I could recognize all the same “characters” of the documentary from my own high school; classic football jocks, airhead cheerleaders, parents who buy beer for their kids to puke up on Friday nights, that crazy fat kid who thinks he’s funny but really looks like he’s going to have a heart attack, the young football coach who prays with his team just before cursing them out, etc. To put it mildly, I really hated high school; it was the worst 4 years of my life. Granted, I didn’t go to football games or take an interest in getting drunk on weekends (I had integrity), but in general it was just not a happy time. I was a dork, classes were boring, girls ignored me, the popular kids made fun of me nearly daily, and even amongst my friends I felt somewhat second rate. College hasn’t fared much better (although I don’t have to be at school all day every day now), the same high school drama just changing faces. Indeed, everyone here at RU makes a big deal about football but who can be bothered to protest yet another tuition increase or decisions to change the name of my school (Cook College)? Hell, when I graduate I don’t even really want to go to commencement because I don’t have much of a connection with this school; why should I sit and listen to people gab on about this being the “first day of the rest of my life” when I don’t really care? I just want to get out and start learning about the world and making a difference in it, and I guess the only reason I’m still in college is because the piece of paper is the first step to getting there, even though it doesn’t really say much about who I really am. *sigh* I want a do-over.



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3 10 2007

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5. What resources do you need?
6. What is your favorite interesting thing that you like about your job?
7. what is an important thing you have to do when you work?
8. Do you need special protection to work?
9. is it difficult to work be a geochronologists?
10. Do you like being a geochronologist?

Thank you so much and please answer

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