Extra parts on another animal

23 02 2007

Earlier this week we met Stumpy, a duckling that most likely experienced an anomaly during development and ended up with an extra set of hind limbs. Now, (with a hat tip to Grrlscientist for the head’s up) we meet Extra, a cat with 26 toes (polydactylism).


According to the article, and anecdotes, it seems that extra digits are an advantage to the cats, giving them a little extra dexterity. Indeed, it seems that purebred cats and cats in certain areas are more likely to have the trait than others, but even though it seems to be a beneficial mutation to some degree I don’t know if it really would give the cat any advantage in catching prey, climbing, running, or anything else they normally do. Even if there was some advantage, we’d have to look at stray communities to figure it out, spayed or neutered house cats not exactly having to deal with pressures according to natural selection.




One response

18 10 2011

j’ai moi aussi un chat avec 26 orteils qui se nomme M.Abert….et c’est loin de le rendre plus habile….au contraire …on dirait qu’il a les pattes pleines de pouces ! 😉

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