Carl Sagan lays it down

13 02 2007

It’s a little bit dated (as would be expected, the history of life on Earth comes into sharper focus with every new discovery) but check out this video of Carl Sagan taking us through nearly 4 billion years of evolutionary change. Although the animation is fun, the point near the end of the clip strikes me most; humans are but one of many animals that have been produced by evolution, every lifeform we share our planet with has a tale as amazing (if not moreso) than our own.



2 responses

19 06 2007

Have you read Dawkins’ The Ancestor’s Tale? It’s quite excellent…

19 06 2007

You know I actually took the book out of the library over spring break but I didn’t get to read it; it’s definitely on my “summer reading” list though (although my main goal is to read Gould’s Structure of Evolutionary Theory from cover-to-cover). Thanks for the reminder!

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