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10 02 2007

I’ve been blogging here on WordPress for less than two months, but the response I’ve gotten so far has been wonderful; in the time I’ve been posting here I’ve received 1,124 visits (at the time of this entry), and while this number may seem paltry I am glad so many people have been enjoying my writing. As a bit of a “celebration,” I’ve posted some pictures from my last trip to the Bronx Zoo a week ago, and I would also like to say “thank you” to the people/blogs who’ve linked to me in the past week, giving a huge boost to my stats. Randy Olson, Ed Brayton, and Pim van Meurs all linked to my ramblings on the “Hoax of Dodos” post from a few days ago, and I also wanted to thank Daniel at Migrations and Felix at OceanicDreams for the addition of my blog to their blogrolls. When I first started writing I didn’t know if anyone would care what I had to say, and while I may not be in the “big leagues” yet, I definitely appreciate everyone who has a look at what I have to say. On to the pictures!

WCS Polar Bear


I don’t know what kind of bird this is (I forgot to write it down), anyone know?

Dwarf Caiman

I always wanted to get a shot like this one, the “eyes above water” deal, and this Dwarf Caiman gave me the perfect setup.

Fish in the Tiger Pool

These are some of the fish in the pool in the Tiger Mountain exhibit; the tigers don’t eat them.


George the lion was pretty aggravated I was around last weekend, making the long distance communication calls (waaaaaoooooooooo-wwaaaaaaoooo-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh) the whole time I was there.

Snow Leopard

The mother of twins, this mother Snow Leopard took some time to enjoy a bone.


Another creature that I usually can’t get a shot of; the Matamata turtle.



This is Zeff, a 13-year old female tiger at the zoo. Although she seems to be snarling, this was actually the end of a yawn, but I like how it came out nonetheless.

Sasha and his tree

Although it’s not the best shot I’ve ever taken, I love this picture of Sasha (a young male Amur tiger kept next to Zeff) rearing up to scratch the tree.


This spoonbill flew out of its enclosure and rested on the rail, setting it up for a decent shot.

Snow Leopard Twin

One of the snow leopard twins born a few months ago.

Zeff walking by

Zeff staring




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11 02 2007

Great pictures…you do not even need to travel far!

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