Why are there still white tigers at all?

9 02 2007

Yesterday three white tiger cubs debuted before the public at the Buenos Aires Zoo in Argentina (the photo is from Reuters).

Rueters photo of white tiger cubs

The three cubs have yet to be named, but were born to two white tigers named Conde and Bety at the zoo, having triplets in 2002 and a total of 6 cubs in 2004 according to this Yahoo!News article. What happened to all those other cubs? I can’t seem to find anything, but chances are good that they looked like this

Deformed White Tiger

Even though white tigers may be nifty to look at and a favorite among zoo patrons, in order to get one you need to inbreed an existing pair of white tigers, often brother/sister, mother/son, father/daughter, you get the idea. While there are some more “scrupulous” breeders who don’t inbreed to this extent, all white tigers are a hybrid of Amur & Begal tigers and share a very recent common ancestor, making them far more inbred than cheetahs (who at least have had the benefit of being in the wild). In fact, many of these tigers appear “cross-eyed” and suffer from various diseases even when they look “normal,” a result of Chediak-Higashi Syndrome, and white tigers are generally unkown in the wild because of the issues the coat color brings with it.

Trying to figure out what became of the other cubs born at the Buenos Aires zoo, I learned (via the Wikipedia entry) that for quite some time the park wasn’t run well at all, constantly in a state of decay until coming under the responsibility of showbusinessman Gerardo Sofovich in 1989, named “coordinator” of the zoo. Indeed, Sofovich’s prior experience seemed to be in the realm of tv and movies, so somehow I don’t think he would have the well-being of the animals kept at the zoo first in his mind. Regardless of whether Sofovich was actually involved in the white tiger inbreeding program or not, it’s clear that the zoos continuing disregard for the wellfare of their animals stem from their desire for high attendance rates more than anything else.

Looking more closely at what is happening with the tigers themselves, I had no idea the extent to which they were inbred to produced fashionable white tigers. I had previously heard that the white condition is almost never seen in the wild and primarily the result of captive-breeding programs, but what these animals are put through is inhumane, to say the very least. There’s far more about the subject than I can do justice to at Big Cat Rescue, but I’ll try and give an accurate overview of why people should be enraged at the ongoing practice of white tiger inbreeding.

As Dr. Dan Laughlin said in an article on the BCR site

The only conceivable legitimate reason for exhibiting a white tiger would be for educational purposes to clearly and unequivocally illustrate to the public the process of natural selection and how, when a deleterious recessive genetic mutation randomly occurs that is disadvantageous for the survival of the animal, such as white color in a tropical jungle environment, the animal does not survive to pass on that genetic mutation or disadvantageous characteristic to its offspring.

Indeed, the white tiger is essentially mutant of existing Amur or Bengal tigers (usually a hybrid of the two), and while they occasionally are seen in the wild, the white tigers bred in captivity are absolutely worthless to conservation efforts because of their heritage. If you see a white tiger in a zoo, it’s not an alternate form from a normal mating, but rather is inbred and can trace its own lineage back to a single white tiger named Mohan. Initially, Mohan did not produce any white offspring, but these offspring were carriers for the recessive trait that causes white tigers, the zoos that mated Mohan’s offspring winding up with white cubs. Once this was discovered, Mohan was mated to one of his daughters, resulting in white offspring included Mohini. Mohini was then sent to the Washington Zoo where the staff desired more white tigers. Unfortunately no other white tigers were available at the time, so Mohini was mated to her mother’s brother and her half-brother, and then to one of her sons that carried the white gene. The Wikipedia entry carries on in much the same fashion through several more generations, and although it did not provide references for exactly what tiger sired what offspring, the overarching point is abundantly clear; the only way to get white tigers is to inbreed them, all current white tigers arising out of a very recent common captive ancestor.

As is well known, inbreeding to this degree quickly amplifies various defects and for every white tiger you see on display there are many others that were stillborn, died soon after birth, suffer disfiguring birth defects, or otherwise would not be “suitable” for display. As the BCR article notes, there are so many of these cats that they refuse to accept them into their care, not out of carelessness but the fact that many breeders want to simply offload the “defective” tigers to inbreed their “normal” tigers again. Mind you, these tigers are the ones that make it past the 80% infant mortality rate, often suffering from immune system problems, cleft palates, club foot, various spinal problems/deformities, etc. Needless to say, these cats suffer the entirety of their short lives so illegitimate, idiotic performers can use them on stage (white tigers often selected because they’re less intellectually adept than normal tigers) Oftentimes “normal” colored tigers that carry the recessive gene are mated with white tigers, only a small percentage of the offspring being white, the others usually sold to be pets or otherwise improperly cared for. It infuriates me that in this day and age the black market pet trade still exists to the extent that it does, private owners allowed to keep animals and mistreat them as long as they have the proper permit. Unless it’s an accredited zoo or santuarcy, NO ONE should be keeping exotic animals.

I am absolutely infuriated that the Buenos Aires Zoo is continuing to try and breed white tigers for no other reason than to make money, and I really would like to know what has become of the other cubs produced by the parents of the recent triplets. News outlets might pick it up as a miraculous event, but in truth it’s just another sad reminder of how many animals are exploited in zoos all over the world, only a handful being responsible about keeping animals and returning them to the wild.



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23 03 2007
kim bradley

hi im kim from longhill hight school and im doing a project for ict on tigers and would like to use the picture at the top of this web site https://laelaps.wordpress.com/2007/02/09/why-are-there-still-white-tigers-at-all/ so i would like to ask your promistion please contact me asap thank you kim x

7 05 2007
beth xavier

Your photo of the adult white tiger was shocking.I knew the white tigers were inbred but the physical deformities on the tiger were extreme.poor thing looked miserable

8 05 2007

Oh. Dear. God.

That’s really horrible. I honestly didn’t know this either.

10 05 2007

i think white tigers and all tigers a wonderful creaters and should not be treated the way they do in some parts of the world!!!!

10 05 2007

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18 05 2007

This is all true, except bethxavier’s comment. I’ve seen the deformed white cat. he was rescued by a refuge in arkansas and lives with his also deformed brother quite happily in a lrage, grassy habitat and gets all the attention his condition needs.

19 05 2007
Tai Haku

One of my pet peeves for years has been the presence of white tigers (and slightly less irritating that of cross bred tigers generally with no real conservation value) in zoo collections. Thanks for posting this.

25 05 2007

don’t piont and laugh its not funny!!!

4 06 2007

o my. I love white tigers. they are the most beautiful creatures ever. I think there should be more white tigers in the world.

4 06 2007

I’m sorry you think that Babii; I can’t look at a white tiger without thinking about the cruelty so many tigers had to experience in order for white offspring to be produced. They may look nice, but so many of them are sick and need special care, and there shouldn’t be any more of them because they’re not natural. “Regular” tigers are just as beautiful, if not moreso, and I hope you change your mind about white tigers (please read the post again if you need further clarification).

7 06 2007

I never knew white tigers were bread, I have always thought they were albino, and were rearely born that way. I never knew you had to bread them, to get them.

24 01 2010

i think you knead to bread the tiger, aldough is there proof that whole wheat tigers are in bread?
sorry, i had to do say it

16 11 2010

some people breed them but thats how they first arrived its a genetic mutation it happens when they are concieved thats why they are suppose to be rare but of course you have stupid people who want to make them theirselves and play god..

11 06 2007

Hi i was watching a video on you tube and it had something about this on it. Honestly I cried and now i want to make a difference. I don’t think any wild animal should be kept as a pet for anyone. When i was younger i used to want to make a santuary for tigers, and get 8 sets (2 to each set one male one female) and i wanted to breed them. They would be in a big incloser full of their natural prey so they would have to hunt and stuff, never making contact with the humans. Then once the cubs they had were old enough trap them and release them into the wild. I dont know if it would work though. The tiger is my favorite animal, and yeah the white ones are pretty to look at (even the deformed ones to me), but the should never be inbred or forced to make that color it wrong. After reading this I’m bocotting all circus’s and magic shows that use white tigers or mistreated tigers. Also is there is a zoo with white tigers im not going and i’m gonna write a letter to them about that. Thank you for sharing the story with all of us

7 05 2010

why boicotting white tigers at zoos but i’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo on everything except boicotting zoos for having tigers with you they have to keep tigers at zoos because they need to breed them since tigers are on the extremely endangered list thats just one step away from extinction and I once and still do share the same dream with you Tyler all animals deformed or not are beutiful to me and any animal should NEVER be inbred it can cause death in some cases I dream off helping animals in ANY WAY POSSIBLE!!! and have BIG plans for college that have to do with animals. I LOVE animals with ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂

7 05 2010

Even though white tigers may be cause by inbreeding they are now a species that we can’t let go extinct thats just as wrong as poatching them that would be like killing all dolphins cause they were made by inbreeding(even though they’re not its an example)

11 06 2007

Thank you Tylor; I really want to help big cats like Tigers too, and you should check with local accredited, reputable zoos to see if there’s any way you can help them (or even donate). Many good, professional zoos have tiger breeding programs, and while you might not be able to work with the animals directly, I’m sure there are ways you can help. So many animals are mistreated and kept in horrible conditions, and the best thing you can do is not buy a ticket and tell other people about what you’ve learned. Thanks for reading and best of luck making a difference!

23 06 2007

what has been done for white tigers in the past and what are people doing about them today? what do you think will happen to them ?

27 06 2007

think of this…. we probly developed from a different species. Humans are born with defects too. Many people are. No one is saying that we should disappear and become extinct. i do understand that white tigers are in alot of pain but we are too.i am not trying to make it about us but humans and white tigers are alot alike. We shouldn’t interact with their breeding though.We should make big habitats and help them feel like they are in the wild. Like what tylor said let them live on thier own whithout any contact with humans. White tigers are now a species even though they are not natural.Many species are not natural.Like the mule and many more.

27 06 2007

Snap; I think you’re confusing the issue a bit. White tigers are not a natural species at all, nor could they survive on their own (as a species) in the wild. They can only be produced through in-breeding, a “wild” population requiring a continuation of that inbreeding and further accumulation of genetic defects. It’s funny you mention mules as a species; mules are typically sterile and there would be no natural mule populations without continuous reproduction between horses and donkeys.

The point of the entry is that for every white tiger produced that seems well-cared-for, there are many others that have either died, are mistreated, or you otherwise don’t hear about/don’t see. The only reason we have white tigers in zoos is because of human intervention (zoos and others seeking profit), and even if we released all the white tigers into the wild tomorrow, they would not be a real species.

10 07 2007

Thank God! someone who doesn’t think inbreeding is beautiful. That’s like Brad Pitt having sex with his mom to produce more good looking guys. And what’s up with everything ‘white” is beautiful? Can’t things that are found naturally in nature and have some color be good looking too? Not everyone wants to be and enjoy white.

25 08 2007

Wow your article has shocked me beyond belief, into realization. I am still young and (ignorant) that is up for debate. However, when I was younger, I knew there were such things as white tigers, and i thought they were beautiful. I feel horrible for even thinking that now, they are beautiful, but the question is, Should we as responsible(supposed to be anyway..) human beings, be imbreeding these animals, knowing they will have defects, keep imbreeding these animals? I myself have found Bengal Tigers beautiful without being white.
It is a sad day, when zoos have resorted to imbreeding animals, for popularity, for more zoo income and attendance. If a zoo cannot be successful without doing such practices, there is something indeed very wrong.

25 08 2009

I so totally agree with you. We shouldn’t make them suffer for our benefiet! They are supposed be teaching people to help animals, but they themselves are hurting animals!

25 08 2009

I agree with courtney not anyone else.

20 09 2007

i love animals i will be a vetnary tecnition or work at a zoo!!!!!

22 09 2007


2 10 2007

sorry to see such beautiful animals hurt or looking like that i hope their is a way i can help.

9 11 2007

Human greed yet again is the reason these animals are used and therefore made to suffer in this way. Yes they look beautiful, but out of a litter of white tiger cubs one may look beautiful, the rest will be very sickly, weak, deformed or dead. Is this beutiful? No its not, its cruel and should stop. I think sites like this are great, people need to be made aware of the sadness and cruelty that goes on behind the scenes for people to make a profit. I am currently studying animals and the care of animals and although i knew this kind of thing went on its made me ashamed to be human now that i have learnt the extent in which it happens.

7 05 2010

I am totally against inbreeding tigers but Even though white tigers may be cause by inbreeding they are now a species that we can’t let go extinct thats just as wrong as poatching them that would be like killing all dolphins cause they were made by inbreeding(even though they’re not its an example)

14 11 2007

That is a funny looking tiger. I think it’s funny that it’s tounge is sticking out. I am not saying I hate it, but I have to admit, it is not as cute as the others. Okay.. my friends and I cracked up but it is kinda cute in its own unique way.

7 05 2010

It’s not funny… not one little bit.

25 11 2007


16 01 2008

A naturally born or bred white tiger, I can fully appreciate, as white tigers can be born without the hinderance of inbreeding. So for those rare few who carried the recessive genetics, they can be a treasure in my opinion (though not one that I feel should ever be owned as a pet or what-not).

The inbreeding of tigers to emphasize this particular recessive trait, I do have to agree that it is not only immoral, but it takes away from the true beauty of the creature.

While skimming through the posts, I believe someone mentioned that the inbred tiger and its sibling are now being taken care of and are receiving the attention they need? I do hope that’s true.

25 01 2008

this white tiger is really weird looking. I watched all kinds of animal planet and none of the white tigers looked like this, what is wrong with its face? Stop feeding him cheese puffs.

7 05 2010

thats not funny… not one little bit.

17 02 2008

Tigers are the most beautiful and regal animals in the world. They were never, ever meant to be “funny looking” or “laughed at.” This is a disgrace and a horror. As much as I thought I loved the white tigers, it is not worth the price of cruelty, abuse, and mistreatment that goes along with this trade. I am truely saddened by this. Does mankind have any shame at all???

7 05 2010

I am totally against inbreeding tigers but Even though white tigers may be cause by inbreeding they are now a species that we can’t let go extinct thats just as wrong as poatching them that would be like killing all dolphins cause they were made by inbreeding(even though they’re not its an example) They can now be breed by other white tigers who aren’t related

18 02 2008
danielle and rachel

i think that them tigers are very cute and they look well looked after

21 02 2008

i never knew they were inbred either. but most of the time they get the tiger that is white already, usually they aren’t inbred at the zoo. And like the one with the strange face, it might have been rescued from a home or the like..but after the white color gene has been in the bloodline for a whil its not as bad i think..theres a white tige rcub on animal planet and its just the same as the others…but white

22 02 2008

I’m doing a research paper on white tigers for my english class. And it’s amazing the stuff I’ve learned and it is also extremely sad. I’ve read up from Mohan’s story and his children to your work and I’ve come to understanding that the white coloring is pretty much like blond and blue eyes in people. Except we can get it a lot easier and without inbreeding. The one thing I thought was really interesting was that every captive-bred white tiger is descended from Mohan. It really shows you to what extent white tigers are inbred. One question has been bothering me though, maybe you can help me out. Isn’t there white tigers in wild in places such as Siberia? I swear I remember hearing about tigers that live up in some of the more snowy regions and they have white fur. Which make sense, because white fur would be a good camouflage for snow.

7 05 2010

Siberian tigers aren’t white they have more white than other tigers(besides white tigers) they have orange on the top of them.

9 04 2008

To be honest,i am completely against zoo’s and animals in captivity and especially inbreeding as it is all unnatural anyway, you don’t need animals in captivity to save the species even but i seem to see that some people are pretty ignorant without realising, I myself ofcourse but if you “need” to keep any animals in captivity, at least do it in a safari park or something. Also i noticed your artcle was pretty critical but very biased, but as it is inbreeding then shouldn’t there be some sort of reports carried out upon the care and the zoo’s these creatures live in? In my honest opinion however, i believe you should try see things from 2 points of view yet i don’t at all condone the breeding for profit.

7 05 2010

I’m totally against inbreeding but we have to keep animals in zoos so that certain species won’t go extinct and so that people can understand animals more so that they can grow up loving animals.

12 04 2008
Deztanie Hill

The babies r soooo cute. The other 1 is just plain scarry.

29 04 2008

I love this article, it was really good

29 04 2008

I so agree with you, Angel!!!!!!!!!

5 05 2008

how are the white tigers inbred? i thought it was natural. . . so some one please give me some insight about how they are inbred. true they can be beautiful but why keep them going through their troubles when we can easily stop them? i just hate the thought of animal cruelty. . . its so wrong!!!

5 05 2008

its really sad and pathetic 2 c wat the human race will do2 saticfy their ever growing greed for money. it just makes me sick 2 my stomach…

5 05 2008

if its pretty much (in most countries) illegal for insest between families, why do they make it legall forit 2 happen between animals? ? ? just cause they arent human doesnt mean they have the right to be treated differently. . . thats just wrong n whoever thinks that way, really needs to really think about the choices they make.

5 05 2008

and Angel, Celeste, in some ways yes zoos are totaly in the wrong doing but u no in a way they are very appropriate for the animals lives. the endangered animals are in captivity which is pretty much just like a zoo but we want the beautiful animals to keep on living. mainly just for bad reasons though, come to think of it. . .we just keep them alive to hunt theem. like food, take, restock, take, restock. cruel. i dont see the use in killing animals for sport, inbreeding fo rthe fun of it to make “better looking animals” just to treat them cruely. wat is thisworld coming to these days? ? ? i thought animal cruelty was against the law? but then again u c our govournment agreeing with the inbreeding of our animals!!! messed up. i feel so sorry for the animals that we make them do wat we want against their will. since they cant stand up for themselves, I SAY WE GIVE THEM A HAND ! ! !

5 05 2008

Chediak-Higashi Syndrome isthe cause of the sicknesses and mutations but u also have 2 realize it happens with humans, cattle, white tigers, blue Persian cats and purple orcas, too. and they ALL need our help.

5 05 2008

if the Amur and Bengal Tiger are both Orange, where did the white come in? is it possible to produce white tigers w/o the use of in-breeding? ? ?

27 06 2008

I think that 1 cub at leasty should be named ocean if it has ocean eyes

5 08 2008

that is one weird tiger but the babies r cute

6 08 2008

Reply to:
Babiilatina324 (18:32:39) :

o my. I love white tigers. they are the most beautiful creatures ever. I think there should be more white tigers in the world.

No, there shouldn’t. In order to get white tigers, you have to inbreed. That results in not only deformed tigers like the one above, but if there are any ‘normal’ colored tigers in a white tiger litter then they are labelled as ‘the wrong color,’ caged up in small pens, or killed. A note to any zoos, residences, or anywhere else that houses tigers: If you get a white tiger, do not let them breed!

6 08 2008

In response to:
allie6cat (16:40:56) :

if the Amur and Bengal Tiger are both Orange, where did the white come in? is it possible to produce white tigers w/o the use of in-breeding? ? ?

The white comes from a recessive gene. In order to produce a white tiger, the offspring have to have double recessive genes. And no, you have to inbreed to produce a white tiger.

10 10 2012

I’m not saying that inbreeding is right, and maybe most white tigers are the result of it, but if two non-related tigers have the recessive gene for it then YES it is possible to get a white tiger naturally, just more rare and beautiful.
it wouldn’t be much different than two dark haired parents having a blond child. Or even more rare, two white parents having a colored child because they both had a colored parent or grandparent. IT HAPPENS!!! Genetics is a funny thing, and scientists don’t even have the human gene code completely figured out yet.

11 08 2008

After reading the bit above, I did some digging on the net and found this bit of info. Very interesting.

White Tiger (Panthera tigris) is a tiger with a genetic condition that nearly eliminates pigment in the normally orange fur although they still have dark stripes. This occurs when a tiger inherits two copies of the recessive gene for the paler coloration: pink nose, grey-mottled skin, ice-blue eyes, and white to cream-coloured fur with black, grey, or chocolate-coloured stripes. (Another genetic condition also makes the stripes of the tiger very pale; white tigers of this type are called snow-white.)

White tigers do not constitute a separate subspecies of their own and can breed with orange ones, although all of the resulting offspring will be heterozygous for the recessive white gene, and their fur will be orange. The only exception would be if the orange parent was itself already a heterozygous tiger, which would give each cub a 50% chance of being either double-recessive white or heterozygous orange.

Compared to orange tigers without the white gene, white tigers tend to be larger both at birth and at full adult size.[1] This may have given them an advantage in the wild despite their unusual coloration. Heterozygous orange tigers also tend to be larger than other orange tigers. Kailash Sankhala, the director of the New Delhi Zoo in the 1960s, suggested that “one of the functions of the white gene may have been to keep a size gene in the population, in case it’s ever needed.”

Dark-striped white individuals are well-documented in the Bengal Tiger subspecies (Panthera tigris tigris or P. t. bengalensis), may also have occurred in captive Siberian Tigers (Panthera tigris altaica), and may have been reported historically in several other subspecies. White pelage is most closely associated with the Bengal, or Indian subspecies. Currently, several hundred white tigers are in captivity worldwide with about 100 of them in India, and their numbers are on the increase. The modern population includes both pure Bengals and hybrid Bengal–Siberians, but it is unclear whether the recessive gene for white came only from Bengals, or from any of the Siberian ancestors as well.

The unusual coloration of white tigers has made them popular in zoos and entertainment that showcases exotic animals. The magicians Siegfried & Roy are famous for having bred and trained white tigers for their performances, referring to them as “royal white tigers” perhaps from the white tiger’s association with the Maharaja of Rewa.

It is a myth that white tigers did not thrive in the wild, where small groups had bred white for generations. India once planned to reintroduce them to the wild.[2] A.A. Dunbar Brander wrote in “Wild Animals In Central India” (1923): “White tigers occasionally occur. There is a regular breed of these animals in the neighborhood of Amarkantak at the junction of the Rewa state and the Mandla and Bilaspur districts. When I was last in Mandla in 1919, a white tigress and two three parts grown white cubs existed. In 1915 a male was trapped by the Rewa state and kept in confinement. An excellent description of this animal by Mr. Scott of the Indian police, has been published in Vol. XXVII, No. 47, of the Bombay Natural History Society’s journal.”[3]

However, most white tigers are now bred in captivity, often by inbreeding parents and cubs to ensure the presence of the recessive gene. Such inbreeding often also leads to birth defects.[4][2]

9 09 2008

allie6cat wrote: Chediak-Higashi Syndrome isthe cause of the sicknesses and mutations

Listen. Chediak-Higashi Syndrome is a genetically inherited disorder. It IS a sickness, not its cause. And it is caused by a mutation on the LYST gene (encoding a lysosome trafficking regulator protein) so no, CHS is not the cause of the sicknesses and mutations.
Also, the disorder is extremely rare. This means that most of the times it occurs in species other than humans, those are in the wild so we cannot help them.
In humans, less than 200 cases have been reported worldwide. And only a very small percentage of those people has the milder form of the disease, which can be treated (not always successfully) by Bone Marrow Transplants. The more common form is untreatable and lethal, the person usually dies before the age of ten.

10 10 2008

awwie thts kay-utte.

27 11 2008

I knew about white tiger inbreeding and it is horrible but it is not as common as it may seem. White tigers can actually be bred on accident with two non-related parents. It is rare, but it happens. It is even totally possible for a white tiger to be born in the wild, but they would not survive because they lack the camoflauge nessecary.

13 01 2009

wow that was horrible. the poor thing. i am doing an essay on tigers and they are going extinct. scientist estimate by 2010 they will be gone. inbreeding is not the answere though.

21 02 2009

Being a zoologist and being very well informed about animals, i regret that i never knew the complete truth about the abundance of white tigers in zoos. I have known since I was 12 that these are not albinos but rare genetic variants. Being completely informed about the influence of inbreeding, i think its very abject to do this to animals. For gods sakes, they can’t even express their suffering. I completely agree with the fact that yellow tigers are just as beautiful and majestic as white ones. I have seen this photo many times and i really thought it was a disfiguring disease. Natural occurrences apart, inbreeding for commercial value is inhumane.

24 02 2009

beautiful’ …..

26 02 2009
Shadow Spark

Don’t mind me much, but no one should make of that pore Tiger. It can’t help what It looks like. (Exspechely if inbread) I hope the three kits well live tho.

You should know that we humans do more than we should for profit.
There are creps that inbreed demstic cats, to the point the cat has vary short legs, and couldn’t servive outside for long.

7 03 2009

I love animals! but my favourite animals are tigers! They are so cute! lol xxx

16 03 2009
joanna and laura the GS

i love tigers, the white ones remind me of snow. but i dont think that tiger is inbred, more bred with a pig. every1 on this website r cool.
safe from your homies joanna and laura. . . braaaaaaaaaap.

16 03 2009
joanna and laura the GS

lozzie is moomin

23 04 2009
Tiger Luva

Tigerz rule da world but that ones a bit wired.

7 05 2009

I was looking for a picture of a white tiger to be my background when I stumbled across this picture and then a video on youtube about the inbreeding of tigers. I am astonished and can not beleive the amount of ignorance and cruelty there is in the world. I have never like zoo’s, aquarium’s, circuses ect. I have always felt as if though animals need to be free not in cages. Seeing this pictures makes me so angry that people are causing this and they don’t care. People need to realize that they shouldn’t be playing God and that it’s a sin to do this.

17 12 2009

I agree. This is outragos!!!! I am a cat and animal lover. I just can’t stand it. It makes me cry. I’m never going to a zoo again. They don’t deserve that kind of reward!!!!!!!>(

4 09 2009

Uuuuuuum, hate to break it to ya, you dont have to inbreed them. Its a recessive trait. Most found in the wild have both orange parents. Please get your facts straight. Yes some may do that. But no you dont have to.

4 09 2009

also. yes. the inbreeding of tigers is cruel. but not everyone does that. sorry to sound like a jerk. but not all zoos do that. again. i appologize. lol

17 12 2009

well I’m just trying to let my anger off. Sorry. I’ve been having a hard day.

29 09 2009
Popeye the sailor man

you people are all dumbasses. you all keep talking about how all these animals should be free and shit. but why do you think they are in captivity in the first place. people are encroaching more and more everyday into wildlife’s territories everyday. the reason we keep such animals in captivity is to keep the species alive to show our children and the children what these animals look like in real life not a picture in a book of what they used to look like. eat shit and die you fucks

9 11 2009
Good Gracious...

The language is entirely useless to convey your point. Try using proper language next time and people might listen to you instead of write you off as a hot-tempered dolt.

17 12 2009

please don’t swear.:(

28 01 2010

That’s not true! – But correct me if I’m wrong.
They are there so their species can live on and if they are in a good zoo they are well cared for. However, if some zoos only keep these animals in captivity for our pleasure then that is wrong! Yes it is nice to see the animals in the zoo but, how do they feel? Humans seem to think that because other animals other than ourselves don’t communicate the same way they are stupid and meerly objects to control and keep. This is wrong. Now I know not everybody thinks this and I’m not blaming you or anything I’m just making a statement! So sorry if I upset you in any way. I think other people should read this too (if you can be bothered). I just belive that all animals (including us because we are in fact animals) from a massive blue whale to a little mosquito are equal. We often mistake ouselves as on top of the animal kingdom. We don’t like mosquitos and rats and other animals we consider as pests because they do things we don’t like or look horrible. I think it’s cruel to kill them (you all probably don’t agree) and this white tiger business is f**ked up! (scuse my language but it is!) Breeding a tiger with it’s mother, brother, or sister is WRONG! And like someone here said; humans should be ashamed of themselves! We all should stand up for them and other animals who are being abused!
(sorry this is long but I just wrote this in case anybody wants to read it)

15 02 2010

Haha, despite the anger, Popeye is right. Tigers are going extinct, and need to be kept in zoos because of humans- mostly, our illegal poaching and encroaching on their habitats. Read: http://www.traffic.org/tigers

Also, Tashy… Don’t ever say these right next to each other again- “That’s not true! – But correct me if I’m wrong.” If you don’t know if it’s true or not, then don’t make the statement “Thats not true!” It makes you sound the opposite of an intelligent person with something useful to say.

26 10 2009

that is wicked.

26 10 2009

I think that this picture is really odd. Ahahahaha; But niiice work!:D

9 11 2009

I say don’t. This could be the next puppy mills.
The white tigers should just be bred regularly.
The may be rather rare now but breeding would be
worse in captivity.

9 11 2009

While some white tigers are born naturally, it is absolutely no surprise that they would be “picked off,” or so to speak. Imagine trying to blend in within an Indian jungle with a white coat! I adore all tigers and think them to be absolutely magnificent… but to see the horrible defects wrought upon innocent cubs by mankinds’ terrible greed? It is true that the white coat is different and beautiful, but to take unessisary risks in order to please the eye or reap profits is incredibly dumb-witted. Just like man. It’s appauling. I really appreciate you, Laelaps, for educating us on this fact. Keep it up! You never know who you might inspire for a cause when you post a blog like this!

19 11 2009

this is so wrong… all animals need to be treated humanely, and to all the people who laughed at this try actually reading the article!

28 01 2010

I’m totally with you Hillary!

15 12 2009

i like animals that can swim

15 12 2009

if anyone want to talk about the animal e-mail me at sterlingmenardy@yahoo.com

17 12 2009

Hey, I have a bro named Sterling! LOL!!!

21 12 2009

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19 12 2009

they r super cute but it’s sad that they’re mutated

19 12 2009

That was my friend not me!!!

19 12 2009

PEACE OUT SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

19 12 2009


19 12 2009

She’s a freak!!!!!
My real name is Morgan!!!! I have anger probs!!!!

16 01 2010

Awwwww poor tigers ):
I know some are naturally made, but they die real quick because of their weird color (they don’t camo in the wild). This is like forcing a human mom to breed with their son or something so that they can make purple babies.

<(^_^^_^)> GO TIGERS

28 01 2010

Awww! Bless! Look at the tiger’s face! He may be deformed, but he’s still cute! Those who laughed have something wrong with them – no offence!
Look at this picture and behold the wrongdoings of the human race! It is a lesson to all people, young and old, that this behaviour is wrong! And this is not the only thing humans are doing wrong! I could list a number of things, but I’m not going to. War, crime, nuclear weapons, man-made diseases and what-not are the main ones.
Anyway, you probably don’t want to read my long comments – but if you do thats’s cool! 🙂
Stay safe, people and stick up for these poor animals! 😉

29 01 2010

White tigers do not have to be inbred. The two parent have to carry the same gene in which to create one. Yes there is more of a chance if ONE of the parents is a White Tiger, its up’s the chances that one of the cubs are going to be white.
But they most certainly do not have to be inbred.

It all depends on one gene that a mother or father might carry. But both the mother and father need to have that one gene. I cant remember what the name of the gene is. But it a bummer for me to read this and see that you’ve put that they are inbred.
Not all of them have been.

I’ve seen where cubs have come out of a mother who was orange colored, and a father who was white. It happens in nature. And it happens in captivity.

5 02 2010
Love is better than hate

All animals are beautiful in their own way and people have different perspective of the animals in my opinion alot of humans are corrupt and greedy but there are some trying to help so please be one of them inbreeding is wrong some people say it good but it isnt at all ask urself this question how would u fell if u had to have sex with your mom or dada or relative to have a child thats the same you wouldnt like that or agree to it so y should it be any different for tigers white tigers are like a gambling game u have a chance at it or you dont thats it so please stop the inbreeding some1 has to make a change. Dont use that bullcrap of an excuse that they willl die out no they wont white tigers happen randomly dont try to control that let god that care of that not u or anyone else just god

5 02 2010
Love is better than hate

Humans shouldnt interact with nature unless needed to like desertification or replanting trees after that they should let nature take its course and STOP ABUSING AND TAKING ADVANTAGE OF NATURES GIFT

8 02 2010

hahahahahahahahahahahaha deformed tiger!!!!!!

15 02 2010

I will admit, I’m a little bit confused. Are “white” tigers different from Siberian tigers? I ask this because Siberian tigers are white, and they blend in perfectly with their snowy surroundings, they aren’t from jungles. They aren’t “unnatural.” Apparently, 742 cubs were born in the last 21 years, (thanks to conservation efforts, not just merely inbred in the hands of zoos like this article suggests.) So, I suppose if there is a difference between an actual Siberian tiger and a “white” tiger, then why are zoos bothering to inbred the white ones, when they could have just gone with Siberian ones? And I wouldn’t say “for saving money purposes,” because I would think it would be cheaper to buy two healthy Siberian tigers, and raise healthy little kitty litters, than it would be to do genetic testing to figure out which orange tigers carried the “white” gene, inseminate them, and then worry about botched pregnancies, the medication for sick baby tigers, a bunch of kitten deaths, and ultimately the transportation of sending away disfigured tigers like the one you see above. Just a thought. Also, read this:

7 05 2010

Siberian tigers aren’t white they have more white than other tigers(besides white tigers) they have orange on the top of them.

24 02 2010
kirsty cromton x x x

OMG OMG OMG i can’t belive what they do to them i very sad now 😦

24 02 2010

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24 02 2010

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7 05 2010

Hi. I saw three young white tigers at the Steve Erwin (aka: Crocodile Hunter) zoo in Queensland, Australia. They must have been a year or two old siblings. They were extremely well looked after and spend a lot of time with human trainers. The trainers put on a tiger show and they have both types of tigers and also the white cubs. The older normal tigers had been trained to do tricks like jump here, sit here etc. Nothing too weird or outrageous, just move around and park themselves in different places and jump around so people can see them from many angles. The young white tigers weren’t trained yet and just ran around playing with the trainers basically.

Anyway, I would have a good guess that three of the cubs came from the Buenos Aires Zoo for sure. The Steve Erwin zoo is rich, as you can imagine. He made so much money from his crazy TV show the Crocodile hunter, and after he died… you wouldn’t believe what happened.

I visited this zoo after his demise, and I am guessing that he would have made many appearances in the past at his zoo no doubt. After he died though, the main show held in a football style stadium, with a strange shaped pond in the middle and platforms around the place, was, well, just upsetting.

A man came running out wearing a MASSIVE Steve Erwin head over his own head, and pretended to be him and quote him and act like him. My jaw dropped. I think his wife (widow) could have been there possibly too as the announcer and part of the show. Anyway, that is another story, but well shocking.

I am very upset by people who are in-breeding animals to create something different. I have kept & bred tropical fish for most of my life and I have always despised the practice of in-breeding fish. There seems to be over half the fish in pet stores are the result of in-breeding or as they can often call it “selective breeding” which is almost exactly the same in most cases. Most of these new “fancy” fish to me look completely ghastly, deformed and always unhealthy. I am sure they would not live for very long, even in the most perfect aquarium environment.

I would only ever look for wild type fish and hope that they were not in-bred and the mates would come from different places at different times and they would be the exact same species. I would then swap them with pet stores for fish food or what ever I needed and I felt good and that I was helping somehow fish conservation, as the demand for the fish had been diminished, even if only for a couple of weeks and for only a couple of stores, I felt I was helping a little, as appose to encouraging the in-breeding of deformed “fancy” fish.

Love your blog by the way, some interesting stuff here. Cheers.

7 05 2010

Sorry Britt, do you do much research? Perhaps Siberian tigers are like many animals who live in areas where winter brings snow and their color changes to white accordingly to suit their habitat.

I believe any animal should only be bred in captivity for conservation & re-population purposes to make up for mans years of ignorance. I find zoos appalling to be honest.

29 05 2010
Siberian tiger

White tigers are not a separate tiger species nor the subspecies, they are the result of rare mutations that are passed from the normal orange tigers. People usually associated white tigers with Siberian tigers, because Siberian tigers inhabit snowy landscapes, and their white fur serves as camouflage. The truth however is that Siberian tigers are orange like all other tiger subspecies.

17 11 2010
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11 06 2012

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