When democrats act like idiots

9 02 2007

Lately there’s been a lot of sleazy union-types slinking around Rutgers University, trying to get more members into the American Federation of Teachers. From what I can tell, the vast majority of Rutgers faculty and employees do not want to be unionized, and from some of the stories I’ve heard so far the union representatives have been rude, coercive, and generally misleading/unethical during their visits to prospective members. As much as I don’t like Rutgers’ current president Richard McCormick, I feel he was in the right to represent the general attitude of Rutgers towards the union; we don’t want anything to do with another corrupt organization that steals money from staff and faculty without providing them any benefits. I don’t fully understand all of what’s going on (being only a student worker) but it seems that as long as the union gets enough “votes” in terms of signed union cards they can move in and try and represent all of the appropriate university employees whether said employees like it or not. Talk about unethical.

Regardless of the union issue, this passage from a Philadelphia Inquirer article on the subject caught my eye

Rutgers’ deal with the American Federation of Teachers came weeks after Gov. Corzine chided the university administration over antiunion e-mails sent to employees.

Some of Corzine’s fellow Democrats in the Legislature had threatened a cut in state funding to Rutgers if president Richard McCormick continued to fight the union, which wants to organize about 3,000 administrative, supervisory and professional employees.

Wait, they can take away more money from students? I guess the democrats are under the delusion that cutting funding to Rutgers is somehow going to hurt McCormick and other upper-echelon people or they just have gone crazy. We went through this song and dance over the summer, waiting for the new state budget to come out, and in short students got screwed BIG TIME (my tuition went up $1,000 and I don’t even live on-campus). As a result of less money, Rutgers had to let more people in, so many that some students had to live in hotel rooms and you now have to wait an hour before being able to catch an intercampus bus between classes. If funding got cut again, it would be another blow to students already disadvantaged by uncaring state government officials. I realize that since McCormick stopped his active assault on union reps things have simmered down and said cuts are unlikely to occur, but it does piss me off that state government democrats even considered cutting money from the school again, further straining many of the “non-traditional” (i.e. single mothers or people who don’t have mom and dad to pay for their tuition) students already desperately trying to find aid to stay in school. If I wasn’t so close to graduating I would seriously think of transferring elsewhere because attending Rutgers has been one of the worst experiences of my life and it does not look like the quality of education or intelligent of the administration is going to improve anytime soon.



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