Long weekend

5 02 2007

Hi again everyone. I had a relatively long/busy weekend so I didn’t have much time to post, but I do have lots of material for later today and the rest of this week. Perhaps the highlight of the weekend was taking a trip to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday and getting lots of great shots of their polar bear, snow leopards, George the lion, and Zeff the Amur Tiger. Mind you it was about 26 degrees out so there wasn’t as much to photograph as I usually like, but as always the big cats were active and entertaining, the only way it could’ve been better is if there was snow on the ground.

I also decided to try and do some sort of weekly fun post that I know I’ll keep up with, so given my love for bad movies, I thought every week I’d take a look at some MST3K-grade film and share my thoughts on the cheesy movies that have made their way into my collection. I’ll probably try to follow through on my other idea of posting a wildlife photo I’ve shot and go into detail about the animal, but I know that I’ll probably get lazy and it’ll be irregular so I’ll make no illusions about it. In any case I should hopefully have plenty of good stuff up later today and through the week so be sure to keep checking back.




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