Absolutely beautiful

1 02 2007

My new friend from the Shark-L listserv, Wolfgang Leander, asked me to share his opinion of my cougar photo (below) with you all:



The photograph of the cougar is absolutely stunning!!!!! God, looking into that aristocratic face should make every king look like a bloody commoner!!! What an incredible portrait!!

I am almost 66, and I am beginning to prefer the company of animals to that of humans… When I look at the cougar, I know why….

Best regards,


PS: Please put these comments in your blog.

Compared to Wolfgang, however, I might as well be shooting random shots with a disposable camera. His photographs at Oceanic Dreams are absolutely stunning, really capturing the essence of each subject in beautiful black & white photographs. Do the guy a favor and check out his work or even drop him a line; he’s one of the friendliest people I’ve run into on the internet and his work speaks for itself.

While your at it, check out the weblog of Wolgang’s son, Felix, right here. He’s got a lot of good posts about sharks and ocean conservation (among other things) so certainly pay his blog a visit too.




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