You want me to what?

30 01 2007

Apparently in Pequannock, New Jersey, you can’t go to school without worrying about having to give a random urine test. According the the article, the school superintendent says that the program, which is purported to detect 1-2 drinks of alcohol up to 80 hours after consumption, will make those who may be pressured into drinking by peers think twice. Oh, and the program is being paid for by federal grants. *smacks forehead* Now, it’s been about 6 years since I graduated high school, but it was no secret who the kids who got drunk and stoned out of their minds every weekend (and the school week, come to think of it) were, local police and the schools generally ignoring what was going on. I was one of the most unpopular and out-of-the-loop kids in the school and I heard all the stories and knew which kids were making ecstasy in their basements during their down time; you didn’t need drug tests to know what was going on. Hell, some of the parents would even host the parties and get drunk with the kids, so it wasn’t even as if there was some secret.

Even beyond the stupidity of the new plan, it also is unethical, making it compulsory for students to give urine tests to be analyzed by a public institution. If it was the workplace or something else, that’s one matter (I had to be tested before working for Target), but to force “random” students to take alcohol tests and attend compulsory counseling steps beyond the responsibilities of the public education system, acting more like nosy parents than an institution that should be focused on preparing teenagers for college (which they didn’t do well anyway, at least in my experience). The ACLU has already rightfully spoken out against the testing, and there will probably some sort of lawsuit over the issue, and hopefully the school system will be wise enough to drop the program rather than waste more money that should be going to prepare America’s students, students that seem to have lagged behind the rest of the world intellectually for as long as I can remember.




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